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Violence is Public Health Issue.

Violence doesn't happen in a silo, and violence isn't and shouldn't be normal. At the Violence Prevention Coalition we believe violence is learned. Therefore, alternatives to violence can also be learned. Violence is also complex. It comes from a system of poverty, inability to access resources, bad educational options, and a structure of policies that reinforce negative, rather than positive personal choices. Therefore, solutions to violence must be comprehensive, and collaborative. The Violence Prevention Coalition advocates for seeing violence as a public health issue -- it is killing our young people and our communities. Rather than seeing violence as something that can be solved through arrest and incarceration, we must respond to violence with the same level of urgency and investment in prevention and treatment we would any other lethal epidemic.


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    Systems Change Dear Members, When people talk about making change, we often hear the words "system change." This can be a vague term, and can feel inaccessible. How can a single person, or a single organization change whole systems? This week's eletter is full of examples and opportunities to do just that.…
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  • City of Santa Monica - Virginia Avenue Park
    City of Santa Monica - Virginia Avenue Park We operate a Teen Center that serves Santa Monica youth ages 14-24. Programs include academic assistance, employment services, recreation, team sports and features artists in residence in urban arts, oil painting, digital arts, film making and silk screening. We work closely to serve gang involved youth and those that fall through the cracks of formal education systems.
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VPCGLA VPC Reentry Workgroup shaping the future of Los Angeles #LA2050Listens @ The California Endowment http://t.co/0UOCCm1c5n
VPCGLA VPC Reentry workgroup doing our part to shape the future of Los Angeles #LA2050 @LA2050 @knpoole20 http://t.co/qp0JAGLQMj
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VPCGLA April 25th VPC Coalition-Wide Meeting: Draft @LA2050 Goals & Future of Los Angeles #LA2050Listens http://t.co/8Jwbib2vSb
VPCGLA 54% of those murdered by firearms between ’00-’10 in the U.S. were black. Startling, horrifying, preventable: http://t.co/QQZYbUocvt
VPCGLA American youth are 65x more likely to be killed w/ a gun than youth in the UK. We deserve a life free from gun violence. #fight4the33
VPCGLA Congrats to @BCrusade on the opening of their Cyber Cafe! A great resource for youth in South LA #bcrusadepowerup http://t.co/I0oGL9F6EK

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